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Download MetaTrader for free on this page. You just have to register with an optional ministry under.

Get MetaTrader for free

MetaTrader is the most used currency trading application worldwide.

MetaTrader is the most widely used application for forex trading in the world. Professional use any this program, and although it may be a little too advanced for beginners, it is something one can learn quite fast.

You can get the program for free if you are a customer of one of the services below:

When you become a customer of easyMarkets you can use MetaTrader to trade through their trading platform. This is a safe online broker to use, and which has long ansinitet in the market.

If you use Metatrader you will eventually discover the benefits of this in terms of general e-commerce (directly via the browser). You can execute trades much faster, and you can create your own "robots", ie trading signals or algorithms that make foreign exchange more efficiently.

easyMarkets uses the latest version of MetaTrader. They also have the opportunity to try the next upcoming version of MetaTrader, but it is only in beta testing yet and it's probably best to stick to the software that is well tested.

Download the program is free once you become a customer of easyMarkets.