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Web developer & web designer jobs

A common way to make money on the internet is working as a web developer or web designer. Both businesses and individuals want presence online. Web designer is responsible for the graphics, web developer creates web sites.

Web developer/design jobs

Can you do web design or web development? Then you simply must read this!

It is easy to make money from web development and web design using sites such as Freelancer. You do not necessarily have any education. On the internet it's what you can deliver that matters, not the education papers you have.

It works really well if you can create websites or are good at design, is to find yourself projects and working on an outsourcing service. Do this:

  1. Go to Freelancer and click "Get Paid To Work".
  2. It is free to register as a worker at Freelancer.
  3. Then you can find many projects from people and companies that want help.
  4. Projects in web development / design / whatever.
  5. Bid on these projects - dsv. you write how much you will charge to do the job.
  6. Voilà! To complete the project, and get paid the amount you have agreed.

You do not need to go on NAV to search for jobs as a web developer.

Advantage of using freelancer is that you do not have a " double layer of employers ": In a business where you work with web development / web design is the closer you are an employee and your employer have a client who are in a sense your employer's employer. Do you understand?

In Freelancer, you are more like a self- employed, and you will earn more, as there is no employer fees and other expenses.

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What does a web designer / web developer?

Web designer stands for the graphical desiget the website. If you want to work as a web designer can be a benefit to education in graphic design or any other background that makes you have expertise in web design.

If you do not educate yourself in web design, but would still create a website that looks fantastic? Use Template Monster. Here you can buy cheap web templates (templates) that you can use on your own website, own blog, Own shop and so on.

Web Developer programmer 's website. A career as a web developer means like an education in programming, or you can take courses in web development. It is possible to learn web development on their own as well, we recommend SimplePHP, this page turns other online courses the boots.

High demand for web developers and web designers

By number of people and companies who have presence on the web, there are a few who actually have the knowledge to create aesthetic and functional websites. There is great demand for web developers and web designers.


Many do instead to acquire expertise in the development and design of the website is to pay for these services. They pay a web developer or a web designer for these services.

Instead of someone within the company doing the job, or someone you know is doing the job, you can outsource the task to someone who really can. Freelanceris the largest since outsourcing online, here you can get help with most things, including programming, web design and web development.