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Selling pictures online: Your digital camera can help you make a second income

How to make money from your digital camera pictures?

Selling pictures online

Many see potential revenue by selling photos online. Most people do not know what pictures are selling well, and therefore will not earn as much money in picture sale online.

Full guide here: How to make money selling pictures on the internet

Go to the above site for details on how to make money online simply by taking a few pictures with your digital camera, and then uploading these pictures to tons of databases on the internet.

Make money by selling photos online

Photo Sale online has become a massive industry. It sold for large sums of money in what is called "stock photography".

A "stock photo" online is a digital picture you can buy the rights to use such marketing materials, on your blog or on a book cover. Generally costs such license just a few dollars.

Who makes money online images?

Those who earn most of these are picture agencies, such as,,,,, and many others.

Photographers earn course money on this, but there are many who try to sell the photos, and it is difficult to take photographs that are sold in large numbers.

Most digital cameras are good enough

Which digital camera you have is of less importance. Any professional photographer will recognize that it is possible to take good pictures even with a mediocre camera.

It's the photographer that creates the image. A good photographer with bad camera will have a greater chance of success than a bad photographer with a good photo camera.

How can you start to sell photos online?

If you are a professional photographer you can submit your portfolio to photo agencies for review.

If you do not know what pictures are selling well, need more knowledge on how to take good pictures, or for more information about photo sales online, you need to do as everyone else to acquire knowledge first. Here is a website that tells you how to make money taking photos.